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What you need to know about the 11+ Exams


What you need to know about the 11+ Exams

Applications are now open for families wishing to enter their child for the Eleven plus for year 7 entry into a grammar school in September 2019!

Here is our helpful guide to help you navigate your way through the process.

What are the key dates?

Start by going online to see when applications open and close where you live. These dates can differ, so check carefully. In Sutton, registrations started on the 1st May and close at midnight on the 17th August. Late registrations are not considered so make sure to make a note of the dates in your diary.

If you are applying for a child with an EHCP or other form of SEN or medical requirements, you will need to send in your form earlier (by 29th June), along with supporting evidence, to allow the necessary adjustments to be made.

The exam takes place in Sutton on 18th September, with some schools arranging subsequent second-stage testing at a later date. Offers of places will be made on the 1st of March 2019 on what has become known as ‘National Offers Day’. Your local authority will be able to guide you through how to accept an offered place or appeal against any decisions that you feel are not correct.

Which schools can I apply to?

In Sutton, there are six schools that participate in the Eleven plus. These are:

* Greenshaw High School

* Nonsuch High School for Girls

* Sutton Grammar

* Wallington County Grammar School

* Wallington High School

* Wilson’s School

We strongly recommend visiting your preferred schools as early as possible to get a feel for them and to see the pupils working in situ. Open days are advertised on the schools’ websites. You should also consider doing some research on admissions procedures and eligibility criteria too, as these can also differ between schools.

What information must I provide?

The registration form will ask for you and your child’s full details (name, age, address), as well as the contact details for their current school and the local authority to which you pay council tax. You will also need to provide a good quality photo taken in the previous twelve months which clearly shows your child’s face. Make sure that the email address you give is one that is checked regularly as this will be used for the duration of the application process.

Why should I consider a selective school for my child?

There are many compelling reasons why a child can flourish in a selective grammar school environment. There is a wide social mix, bringing people together from across the community. Being able to pass the Eleven plus and gain a place at a grammar school demonstrates a certain level of educational ability, which the children will all have in common. Learning can be aimed specifically at this ability level and pupils can enjoy being challenged academically and working in classes alongside others who are also eager to learn. Such commitment to the academic side of life tends to result in higher exam grades too, opening greater possibilities for post-GCSE studies and tertiary education.

How can I help my child prepare?

The maths and English tests will both be based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum and there are many workbooks available online and in high street stores. Alternatively, you may wish to support your child with extra tuition sessions to help boost confidence, strengthen any weaker areas and improve their exam technique.

Above all, keep your child calm throughout the process and see that they take regular breaks during their revision. Watch what they eat to ensure adequate nutrition and make sure they feel comfortable talking to you about any worries they may have.

How can Parch Hill help?

Parch Hill is dedicated to supporting and guiding children through their academic journeys. We specialise in the 11+ exam and can offer 11+ intensive courses to provide your child with the support they need to prepare for the exam. Our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam offering is suited for schools in our local area. Our specialist tuition is the best possible support for your child’s entry into grammar school!

Contact us to find out more about our tutoring service.

Here is the link for the Selective Eligibility Test Registration for Year 7 Entry in September 2019:  https://apply.suttongrammar.sutton.sch.uk/setentry2019/

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