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Working with parents, to ensure happy children.

How it works

Parch Hill members attend one session every week of two hours, including one-hour of maths and one-hour of English tuition.

Our sessions are based in traditional classroom settings, which allow our students to quickly adapt to the learning environment. Teachers work with students on a 1:6 ratio, which means that they have sufficient time to work individually with the students, as well as enjoying an interactive and social learning environment. We ensure that each child is in a class which suits them, where they comfortable with the ability of work and others around them.

During a session at Parch Hill

To ensure stability, sessions are taught by the same teachers each week, this allows students to create friendships and professional relationships with their peers and teachers. Students are provided with a new learning booklet each week, which concentrate or certain topics and methods. Throughout the session, the teachers guide students through the concepts and assist them in fully understanding the method. Once prepared, students complete the booklets independently, with assistance from teachers if needed, which ensures that they secure a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

After a session at Parch Hill

On a weekly basis, students are expected to practice the concepts taught in their lesson through the Parch Hill Online Learning Portal. Although our teaching methods are traditional, we understand that some children find working interactively on a computer more beneficial, which is why we allow students to use both interactive and traditional methods of learning. Home-Learning consolidates the work which they have learnt in class, and we see huge differences in students who take advantage of this platform.


All students sit a Unit Assessment every 8 weeks in complete exam conditions, not only does this allow teachers and parents to gain insight in a student’s development, it is also important to become comfortable with the examination environment - which many children find nerve-wracking. As well as this, parents receive full reports from the student’s teacher every unit, to show what needs further improvement, and what may need slightly more work. Don’t worry- you won’t be left alone, our teachers are here to guide parents on how to improve grades , recommend areas of concentration and provide extra resources.

Rewarding Hard Work

As it is only fair to reward our hard-workers, our PACE Reward System ensures that students get recognition for their Punctuality, Attitude, Concentration, and Effort in every class. Students receive PACE cards, which can be equal to either 1, 2, 3, or 4 credits, depending on which attributes they have shown throughout their session. Students can then collect their cards and swap them for big or small prizes when they have collect enough credits for their desired prize.

Financial Support

We understand that an extra cost each month can be difficult, which is why our fees are affordable for all.

Our fees are based on a monthly basis, with further discounts for extra siblings who you may want to join as members. This standard cost does not fluctuate based on the amount of lessons your child may attend, as it stays exactly the same each month, which allows you to prepare for the extra cost.

What if I can’t afford it?

Families are able to apply for extra funding for the costs of tuition through the childcare aspect of working tax credits, or through employer childcare vouchers. You could receive up to 70% of the cost paid for you through HMRC, which means you would only need to spend a small amount, on a big investment for your child’s academic career! If you want to apply for help towards your child’s tuition costs, our representatives can guide you through the process from beginning to end - just ask!


Still have questions? Let’s see if we can answer them!

Find Us

Our Centre is based in Croydon, and easily accessible by car or public transport from the surrounding areas of Thornton Heath, Norbury, South Norwood, Mitcham, Merton, and many more!

Where are you?

Address: Challenge House, 616 Mitcham Road, Croydon, CR0 3AA.

Phone: 020 3092 3093.


Address: Challenge House, 616 Mitcham Road, Croydon, CR0 3AA.

Challenge House is based centrally between Mitcham, Thornton Heath, and South Croydon and can be found locally near Lanfranc Secondary School, Lombard Roundabout, West Thornton Primary School and Purley Way.

Travelling by Public Transport:

We are only a 5 minute walk away from Therapia Lane transport, which can connect you from Wimbledon, Elmers End, Beckenham Junction and New Addington - and anywhere in-between Alternatively, you can reach us by bus, with the 264 and 289 stopping in a short walking distance from our centre. Or, if you are coming by train, East Croydon train station is only a short bus or tram journey from us.

Travelling by Car

We are easily accessible by car, with huge availability of free parking on the road, so there shouldn’t be an issue with finding a space! Alternatively, there is a pay-and-display car park to the rear of the building which members are available to use.

(Please Note: Parking is restricted and not available for members of Parch Hill in the car park to the front of the building, so please ensure that you read the signs when you come to visit us!)

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