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Summer Boost: keeping young brains ticking over in the holidays

Summer Boost: keeping young brains ticking over in the holidays

The school holidays are now upon us. While it is an amazing feeling to see the long weeks of summer stretch ahead of us with no sign of the school run until September, it is important not to forget about academic life altogether. The good news is that a healthy balance can be struck between allowing your child plenty of time to relax, see their friends and have fun and encouraging them to spend time keeping their brains active and their learning fresh. The even better news is that you can often get your children to learn over the summer without even realising they are doing it.

Here are some ways to sneak in some study time this summer.

Summer Boost

Why settle for one idea when you can have one hundred of them? Parch Hill is proud to present Summer Boost 2018 – an engaging list of one hundred fun, yet educational activities that you can do with your child over the summer. Ideas range from measuring the objects in your house and creating a scale model to donating old clothes and toys to a local shelter. Practise writing letters to a teacher or create your own joke book. Perhaps you could memorise and recite a poem or hold a paper aeroplane throwing contest. The full list can be found here (ADD LINK:

Learning in action

Sneak some reading practice in without the kids realising by asking them to help you make some cakes or a meal by following a recipe in a cookbook. They can also work on their maths during this activity as several ingredients will need weighing out. Another idea could be to get your child to read through a guidebook before going away on holiday to find out where the local landmarks are and to make a list of the places that they would most like to visit while they are there.

Adults v kids

Children love to challenge the adults around them to various games to see who comes out on top. Turn this into a chance to learn by proposing a times table challenge, spelling bee or scavenger hunt that gets everyone’s brains working. See who can find objects beginning with every letter of the alphabet first, or who can identify the most birds, insects or flowers in the garden using a wildlife book. Can you create an entire tournament and see who can win at different types of challenges and games? Then hold a medal ceremony to honour the winning individuals or teams.


Use the opportunity of the summer holidays to invite your children’s friends round and encourage them to do something creative altogether. They could draw a comic book, start a band or write and perform a play. There are endless possibilities for group activities that not only help with academic subjects but also cultivate softer skills, such as teamwork, negotiation, time management and organisation.

Summer school

Finally, if your children have important exams coming up in either autumn or winter, such as the 11 plus and mock GCSEs, give them some extra help over the summer by signing them up for our weekly maths & English tuition at Parch Hill. These can last a day, a week, or a fortnight but during the six-week summer break, we strongly recommend to try and maximise learning time. Summer tuition serves as a reminder for participants about what they have already learned while giving them key skills to help them prepare for revision periods and the return to formal studies in September. Parch Hill offers engaging teachers that make the experience enjoyable as well as productive – after all, the summer holidays only come around once a year!

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