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Success Stories

Success Stories

Parch Hill has always proudly displayed the great successes and achievements of learners following their duration at Parch Hill.

Our Success Stories.


We work with children of all abilities to improve their subject confidence, as well as their passion for learning - that’s why it’s difficult to give you statistical results on how our students are doing. However, we think that the voice of our current members and parents will give you the best idea of how they find Parch Hill!

What our parents say. . .

“My child enjoys their time at Parch Hill” 96%
“My child’s grades have improved since starting at Parch Hill”93%
“I am kept fully updated with my child’s progress”98%
“The staff and teachers are friendly and helpful”99%
“Parch Hill meets my child’s particular individual needs”92%


What our members say. . .

“My lessons at Parch Hill are fun and engaging” 99%
“My teachers spend individual time with me when I don’t understand something”97%
“I feel more confident in maths and English since I started Parch Hill”98%
“My Home-Learning allows me to spend extra time on specific topics”99%
“My lessons allow me to spend extra time on topics which I wouldn’t get at school”95%
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