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How to create the perfect project

Many schools like to set their students a summer holiday project to foster creativity, inspire learning and give them something to bring into school on the first day of term in September to show their new teacher and classmates. This can provide a fantastic opportunity to let the imagination run wild. However, there are a….

Summer Boost: keeping young brains ...

The school holidays are now upon us. While it is an amazing feeling to see the long weeks of summer stretch ahead of us with no sign of the school run until September, it is important not to forget about academic life altogether. The good news is that a healthy balance can be struck between….

How to turn your exam essay into a ...

Pretty much every written exam will involve writing some kind of extended text that candidates are then assessed on and given marks for. Whether that is simply writing a six-line answer or a full-scale essay, there are many ways in which you can pick up extra marks to boost the final score and fully demonstrate….

You Are What You Eat

Now that exam season is upon us, it is especially important to make sure children and young people are eating properly to keep their strength up and safeguard their health during a stressful few weeks. Here are some key areas to consider when looking at an exam-season diet – both for your children and for….

The Year 6 SATs

Have you been hearing a lot about the SATs exams recently? May is time for the annual end of key stage assessments, otherwise known as Standardised Attainment Tests, or SATs, across many schools in the UK. They affect pupils in Years 2 and 6 and will involve written tests in English and Maths. Some schools….

What you need to know about the 11+...

Applications are now open for families wishing to enter their child for the Eleven plus for year 7 entry into a grammar school in September 2019! Here is our helpful guide to help you navigate your way through the process. What are the key dates? Start by going online to see when applications open and….

The importance of sports, music and...

Striking a healthy work-life balance is important at any stage in life, yet it is particularly crucial when studying for exams. Making sure that your child gets plenty of downtime during their revision period will allow them space to relax, reflect on what they are preparing for and to rediscover what makes them happy and….

Improve your child’s analytical s...

Having the ability to analyse data and present the findings in a concise and persuasive way can be incredibly useful and will serve your child well in exams and assessments of all kinds. Analytical skills cover a wide range of areas, including communication, creativity, critical thinking, research and the ability to see ‘the bigger picture’….

Exam week woes: coping with crisis ...

You have helped your child as much as you can and they have pilled out all the stops in terms of preparing for the assessments ahead. Now the exam is here and it is time for them to go in and show off all they know. That’s all great, but what if something goes wrong….

Help your child improve their maths

If your child finds maths hard to grasp then do not worry, as there is plenty that can be done to help them strengthen their skills and improve their confidence in numbers. From devising everyday maths problems to swotting up on numerical vocab, here are some ways in which you can help your budding mathematician….

Energising our curriculum and learn...

Typing the word creativity on Google leads to an incredible deluge of 401,000,000 results and around 16 different definitions on…

The Importance of Reading

Reading skills are the foundation of almost every subject in school. Children having a strong reading ability will enable them to…

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