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We believe that with the right guidance and methodology, any child can become a budding mathematician!

Our Curriculum

We want our students to clearly understand every single step to a mathematical concept. That’s why our maths curriculum has been specially created to breakdown methodology, from the foundation to higher level questions. Once students have mastered the topic, they are then given the opportunity to complete additional Challenge Tasks to work towards a higher level.

An Interactive Learning Environment

Our concentrated maths group sessions allow students to work independently, along with problem solving and peer learning within a group.

Our clearly guided Learning Booklets allow students to work at their own pace, using their skills and knowledge to work through examples and tasks. Students are given individual support by their teachers in understanding specific concepts and topics, which ensures they are ready to work on higher level skill bases.

Working in a group environment in mathematics allows students to share ideas and methods in peer learning activities, enabling them to grasp understanding, where they may not have before. Discussion is a great learning tool!

Inspiring clever thinking

  • A cumulative curriculum that builds skills week-to-week.
  • Uses scaffolding techniques to teach complex skills to maximise children's learning.
  • In-line with National Curriculum expectations.
  • Weekly Challenge Work designed to stretch ambitious learners.
  • Individually set Online Home Learning reinforces class learning.

We don’t want any child to miss out on a high - level of education.

That’s why we offer a high level of teaching and learning, for affordable prices that will suit everyone!

You can get help with our monthly fees through childcare vouchers or the childcare element of Working Tax Credits - up to a huge 70% discount! This means you don’t have to worry about the extra cost, and your child will be benefitting on a weekly basis.

With our membership, your contract is only run on a monthly basis, which means you are not tied into any agreement. Also, if you are finding it tough one month, you are free to take a break!

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