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How to create the perfect project

How to create the perfect project

Many schools like to set their students a summer holiday project to foster creativity, inspire learning and give them something to bring into school on the first day of term in September to show their new teacher and classmates. This can provide a fantastic opportunity to let the imagination run wild. However, there are a few important things to consider, such as the points listed below, if you want your summer project to be a success.

Timing is everything

Ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to complete your project and don’t leave it until the final week of August, however tempting that may seem at the start of July. Decide early on what you want your project to be about and then work out how much time you have to complete it. Can you break it down into components that each take a week or so to complete? Having something new to do each week, or a different section to work on will really help keep your motivation high.

Plan ahead

What will you need for your summer holiday project? Are you working in a group, in which case, do you know when everyone involved is free to come together to work on it together? What supplies will you need and are they easy to obtain? You may need to plan a shopping trip. If you are ordering anything online, make sure you have factored in delivery times so that you don’t come up against any delays partway through your project.

Do your research

Make sure you do plenty of research before starting any practical elements. Browse the internet for ideas, or if your project involves a locally-based topic, schedule a visit if possible so that you can physically see it for yourself and glean as many facts as you can. Does anyone in your family or circle of friends know about your topic, and can they be persuaded to let you interview them to help you prepare?

Get stuck in

Once all of your planning and research is done, make sure you get started on the main bulk of the project work in good time, so that you don’t run out of time at the end of the holiday and have to rush. This can lead to incomplete facts and/or a messy finish that may lose you marks, even if your research is comprehensive. It is tempting to procrastinate but reward yourself with small treats each time you complete a chapter, stage or certain part of the overall project.


Finally, make sure you pay careful attention to how you present your project work. Re-read the instructions to make sure that you have followed them correctly and have not missed anything out. If you are making a model or including artwork, keep your work neat and attractive. Use your very best handwriting or if you are printing out your work, make sure the printer ink cartridge is full and not producing faded pages. The better the finished result, the more positive your project’s impression will be. This can go a long way to securing a high mark and getting the next academic year off to a flying start

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