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Challenging students to think creatively and independently

Our Curriculum

Parch Hill’s curriculum has been developed by our in-house qualified teachers and experienced academics, to ensure that it follows the national curriculum, along with the needs of our students. The ability based grouping allows children to receive the appropriate levelled work needed for their current ability, along with being accurately challenged once concepts have been mastered. .

An Interactive Learning Environment

Traditional paper-based group sessions give students the opportunity to share ideas, discuss topics and enjoy the English language.

Our experienced English teachers work naturally to inspire students in their passion for the English language, creativity, and reading. With intense subject knowledge, your child is given the best opportunity to flourish, along with learning to love the subject.

Students receive detailed and guided Learning Booklets, for them to be able to work indepenently and interactively with other students of the same ability. Designed to progress in difficulty, students are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and master topics, and can always been moved to a higher level course when ready!

Engaging young minds.

  • Targeting national curriculum expectations for each year group.
  • Focusing on comprehension of a variety of text types, including fiction stories, non-fiction instruction texts, song lyrics and more.
  • Developing specific grammar and punctuation skills.
  • Individually set Online Home Learning reinforces class learning.

Creative Writing

For those children who need a little extra practice in their creative writing skills, we also offer an additional Creative Writing service which gives students access to new tasks each week.

This unique programme means that your child will have the opportunity to flex their writing muscles, tackling a range of tasks including:

  • Newspaper Articles
  • Descriptive Tasks
  • Book Reviews
  • Story Writing
  • Speeches

Each task is marked by our subject experts within a week, and given a grade along with a personalised report, giving clear feedback and guidance on how to improve their skills. We also offer a monthly one-to-one tailored session, available for students and parents to attend, which gives individual detailed feedback based on the tasks completed within the month.

We don’t want any child to miss out on a high - level of education.

That’s why we offer a high level of teaching and learning, for affordable prices that will suit everyone!

You can get help with our monthly fees through childcare vouchers or the childcare element of Working Tax Credits - up to a huge 70% discount! This means you don’t have to worry about the extra cost, and your child will be benefitting on a weekly basis.

With our membership, your contract is only run on a monthly basis, which means you are not tied into any agreement. Also, if you are finding it tough one month, you are free to take a break!

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