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Since 2012, Parch Hill has helped over 3000 children aged 5 to 15 in the Borough of Croydon to achieve their potential and success. We get to know every child as an individual, giving them the opportunity to unlock their creativity and discover the wonder of learning maths and English. Our goal – to motivate and inspire our Learners, build their self -belief, resilience and confidence so that they aspire to be the best they can be wherever they go.


Maths & English Tuition

Our broad based Maths and English curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to any child’s needs. Whether your child requires extra work for their SATs, GCSEs, and 11+ exams, or simply wants to gain more confidence, Parch Hill is here to help.

11 Plus & Entrance Exam Preparation

Our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam programme offers a comprehensive tuition service to those parents and pupils considering entrance to local selective schools. Our specialist tuition ensures that you receive the very best possible support for your child’s entry into grammar school.

Secondary Ready

Parch Hill's Secondary Maths and English programme aims to help your child's transition from Year 6 into secondary school. The programme will equip your child with the required Maths and English skills, instilling confidence and self assurance so that they are ready for the challenges of Year 7.

GCSE Preparation

The GCSE Maths and English programmes offer a bespoke curriculum aligned to awarding body examinations being delivered within local secondary schools - OCR, Edexcel and AQA. Our tuition offers a thorough preparation for your child's progression to grammar school.


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