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Amongst our motivational and inspiring speakers are successful entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, dentists, veterans and investment bankers.

Over the course of the year, students are introduced to a range of successful speakers from a variety of professional backgrounds at assemblies and events. The aim of each of our speakers is to motivate and inspire children, parents and teachers during their journey towards success.

At Parch Hill, our range of highly successful workshops and events days are designed in collaboration with schools in order to support you in your delivery of specialist subject knowledge and extra-curricular development.

We offer workshops in a range of fields, including business workshops, academic workshops in both maths and English, as well as exciting drama workshops and public speaking courses. The courses will be complemented with thoroughly planned workshop material written by a range of experts within our team.

Our tutors are fully qualified teachers, educated to first degree, masters or doctoral level. They are graduates from some of the world’s leading universities, and as a result they are ideally placed to give students the advice they need to secure top university places in such a competitive environment.

Our tutors are vastly experienced, having worked with Gifted and Talented children as well as children with Special Educational Needs and those who require intervention strategies.

The Pupil Premium was introduced as an additional means of school funding in order to address the inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their peers.

School leaders are required to provide evidence to ensure that funding is used effectively to benefit the disadvantaged pupils who need it most.

At Parch Hill, our intervention strategies and intensive courses are based on the National Curriculum and provide targeted support for FSM pupils, whatever their academic ability. The results of Pupil Premium spending will be evidenced in detailed reports, allowing your school to accurately measure the benefits of choosing Parch Hill and demonstrate the impact your Pupil Premium funding has had on your school’s results.

Parch Hill Provides

  • Cost-effective intervention and tuition
  • Detailed progress reports for each individual student
  • Guaranteed progression in literacy and numeracy
  • Improvements in students’ attitudes towards learning
  • Regular progression updates and communication with school teachers
  • A unique course designed for each child’s individual needs
  • The same Parch Hill membership benefits for your students as for our standard members.
  • A high degree of parental involvement, events and support to help maintain progress at home.
Please note that our spaces are limited. If you would like to use your school’s Pupil Premium funding with Parch Hill for the benefit of your FSM students, contact directly or call 020 3092 3093 to discuss your requirements in greater detail.
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