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Maths & English

Maths & English Tuition

We work hand-in-hand with parents and schools to develop academically, socially and mentally intelligent students.

How will Parch Hill help my child?

Parch Hill works as the tool between schools and parents, to enable children to work smart and flourish throughout their school-life.

We understand that parents are the busiest people in the world, which is why Parch Hill assists parents in understanding what is expected for their child to be learning at home. We provide weekly maths and English sessions for all students, resources based on student abilities and target levels, and weekly Home Learning activities, for students to continue their studies at home.

Our teachers provide individual support to students, to ensure that they are reaching their full academic potential, and are given the best chance in reaching their educational goals. They also work on student confidence and public-speaking, as with these skills, they will be able to do anything that they desire!

What skills will my child learn during
maths and English tuition?

Our maths and English curriculum has been tailored to the individual needs of our students. Whether this is through building the foundational skills of concepts, or working on higher levels to challenge the brains of our students.

Maths core skills

  • Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division
  • Decimals, fractions & percentages
  • Geometry, shapes and algebra

English core skills

  • Phonics & vocabulary building
  • Comprehension, reading and writing skills
  • Grammar and punctuation

Maths applied skills

  • Word problems & problem solving
  • Money, calendars and telling the time
  • Data handling, probability and reasoning

English applied skills

  • Develop a love of reading
  • Read increasingly challenging materials independently
  • Express ideas verbally and confidently

Meet our superstars

We are extremely proud of our students and the journey they have taken since joining Parch Hill. Whether they began as unconfident learners, gifted and talented individuals, or needed an extra push to hit their targets, each and every one of them has shown great commitment to reach their goals!



Confidence support



Confidence support



Confidence support


We don’t want any child to miss out on a high - level of education.

That’s why we offer a high level of teaching and learning, for affordable prices that will suit everyone!

You can get help with our monthly fees through childcare vouchers or the childcare element of Working Tax Credits - up to a huge 70% discount! This means you don’t have to worry about the extra cost, and your child will be benefitting on a weekly basis.

With our membership, your contract is only run on a monthly basis, which means you are not tied into any agreement. Also, if you are finding it tough one month, you are free to take a break!