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  • Primary Courses
  • Secondary Courses

Year 1 to Year 6

Our primary school courses are the most progressive and advanced available, allowing your child to exceed far beyond expectations at a national level. They are the perfect intensive preparation for entrance to secondary school.

All our primary courses follow both Grammar and Independent school syllabi. We also offer intervention and SEN courses for lower ability students who need extra tutoring to achieve their targets.


  • 7 Plus Foundation (Year 1)
  • 7 Plus Intensive & KS1 SATs (Year 2)
  • 11 Plus Foundation (Year 3)
  • 11 Plus Intermediate (Year 4)
  • 11+ Higher (Year 5)
  • 11 Plus, Common Entrance & KS2 SATs (Year 6)
  • P-Intervention Courses (All Years)
  • Special Needs (SEN)
  • English Tuition
  • Maths Tuition

7 Plus Foundation (Year 1)

Content of Course

This course helps children to prepare for the 7 Plus at a gradual pace. It focuses on reading, creative writing and spelling, as well as mental maths and problem solving. The average expected progress for Years 1 and 2 at National Level is three sub-levels (c, b, a) in both Year 1 (Level 1) and Year 2 (Level 2). So the average pupil would achieve Level 2a by the end of Year 2. At Parch Hill, our expectations far exceed those at national levels. We aim to enable children on the Foundation course to attain at least Level 2b by the end of Year 1.


All teaching material is provided during the course and is included in the course fee. Please note that any materials purchased pre-course cannot be refunded. Read more

  • October
  • Christmas
  • February
  • Easter
  • May
  • Summer School
  • Early GCSE/IGCSE


Our intensive courses in October are designed to give your child a boost after the long summer holiday. We hold revision courses for a variety of examinations, in particular the 11plus exams. With several grammar schools and Independent schools in the area undertaking their entrance exams at this time until January it is important that our students are ready to undertake the examinations with ultimate confidence.

During this revision course we use a mixture of Parch Hill examinations produced by our own examiners and past papers published by the exam boards such as NFER, GL Assessment and Independent School examination papers. We have found that this produces the best results from our students and ensures that they get into their desired school.


During the Christmas Holidays we have a series of intensive revision courses available, this particular break can be very important for a number of students and it is vital that they make the most of it. Common Entrance and other exams usually take place in January and our intensive courses provide your child with the structured approach they need in order to guarantee optimum preparation to achieve the highest grades.

Whether your child is preparing for common entrance exams or GCSE’s we are able to help. Each course focuses on exam topics, revision techniques and past papers, many of them being taught by experienced examiners.


Our intensive courses in the February half term focus on rigorous academic training and allow students to start getting serious about revising for their exams. Early preparation is key for everyone wanting to succeed in their exams.


The Easter holiday is an important time for revision for all ages, at Parch Hill we provide several well-structured courses for your child. At this point in the school year we like to know our students are familiar and confident with the exam layout and we conduct a mock test in exam conditions at the end of each day.

We have found that this technique greatly improves the child’s ability to perform in the real exam and achieve excellent grades.


With GCSE exams starting in May and June it is crucial that students make the most of their May half term. Our intensive revision courses are designed to do just that. Run by several highly experienced qualified teachers and examiners, we aim to get the absolute best out of your child in this important time.

Summer School

Every summer, Parch Hill hosts the biggest summer school in Croydon for Preparation and Intervention Booster Courses. This provides the opportunity for pupils to participate in academic and creative courses to prepare them for the new term or to advance their learning skills before they go back to school.

Each of our preparation courses offer the highest quality academic preparation as well as enjoyable interactive individual, social and team activities, including public speaking, which enhance pupils’ social and communication skills. The summer school aims to address the well-researched ‘dip’ which occurs in pupils’ performance during the lengthy summer holiday break.


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