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At Parch Hill, we believe that every child should sit the 11 Plus examinations and fully prepare for the IGCSE/GCSE at an early age. Our mission is to educate parents as well as children about what is required to help them succeed in exams, which will open doors for them academically. We always strive to build our students confidence and help them to achieve, not only in examinations, but in other areas of life such as public speaking, sales and leadership.

Studying exams like the 11 Plus can help to build children’s confidence in the classroom and promotes healthy competition to challenge them to achieve their potential. At Parch Hill, we instil aspiration, vision and ambition in our students and help them to understand that they can become whatever they want to be. We work to build a solid foundation which will lead to your child attending some of the best universities in the world, should they choose to do so. We have high expectations of all our students and as a result, we only recommend the best universities in the UK including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE and UCL.

Here at Parch Hill, we have created a structured system that closes the gap between private sector schools and state schools. We are, in a sense, a mini private school that caters for all abilities and backgrounds to succeed.

Every child is unique. Our approach is to find their passions and to identify routes and learning opportunities so that they can achieve their ambitions.

Parch Hill’s reputation is based on its student-centred, hands-on and exam focused programmes. Its broad and highly flexible curriculum, low class sizes, strong parent support, mentoring and guidance.

At Parch Hill, we follow a rigorous, advanced, independent school curriculum to guarantee results for your child from an early age. Parch Hill employs a common methodology that underpins our approach to teaching and learning.

  • There is an absolute maximum group size of six students.
  • Tutors are highly qualified to first degree, masters or doctoral level and many are A-level or GCSE examiners for the subjects that they teach.
  • Parch Hill produces its own course materials for all major subjects.
  • There is a broad range of advanced, preparation and intervention courses from which to choose. These courses may be studied over durations ranging from one term to five years in any combination to suit the individual student.
  • All courses are underpinned by a strong commitment to exam practice components from the outset. There are monthly revision tests taken in all subjects at every level. In the final year, during which examinations are taken, there are additional weekly timed assignments - all taken under supervised exam conditions.
  • At Parch Hill there is a detailed reporting process. Test and homework results are available throughout a student’s course on the parent intranet, and, in addition to regular consultations, parents receive detailed written reports.
  • Central to Parch Hill methodology is respect for students as young adults. We insist on strict punctuality to lessons and the prompt submission of assignments but are otherwise free of many of the traditional school rules which teenagers often find restrictive. Tutors and students are on first name terms and we aspire to create an enjoyable, socially relaxed atmosphere in which students enjoy coming to Parch Hill and working hard to maximise their potential and widen their opportunities.

We want to hear from you as a Parch Hill parent. Students can only achieve their best through a partnership between school, tuition and home. We appreciate your feedback at all times and welcome any questions or suggestions you have regarding our work and approach.

The name Parch Hill derives from a simple phrase.

PARENT pushes the CHILD up the HILL = PARCH HILL.
We believe that parents are the key to a child’s success due to the motivation, encouragement and inspiration they provide as parents. Your child's success is in your hands. At Parch Hill we work closely with parents in order to challenge their children to achieve greater heights. Invest in us and push your child up the hill so they reach their full potential and fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

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